This event seriously needs no narrative. In simple words; GREAT DAY, GREAT CARS. Despite the rain, the place got packed and wild, it remained that way beyond the showers that fell down later on that afternoon. Here are a few photos to recap that days … Continue reading

Formula Drift – Wall NJ

ROUND 4 - THE GAUNTLET   Round 4 of the Formula Drift US circuit is one of the, if not, the most anticipated event of the season. The course's first turn, that unforgiving bank is a challenge every time, even for the best of the best. It proved to be, as always, the biggest obstacle this … Continue reading

Spring Nationals

Our first time attending Spring Nationals was quite pleasant. As always an array of different caliber automobiles were in attendence. Some were recognized from previous outings, over all we had a blast. Great day to check out the new and old. The Sleek and the rugged. Though a few captured … Continue reading

Fresh Meet: Spring Bash

This year the first event we attended took place in Camden, New Jersey at Campbell Field thrown by Fresh Meet dubbed, "Spring Bash"!! With so many people eager for the winter to be over and showcase their winter projects, Spring Bash was the perfect excuse to come out and show off their rides. … Continue reading